martedì 11 ottobre 2011

Un taxi nella città del sorriso

I Love Art's Magic in Healing

So I'm asked to write a forward for a book in Italian. I don't read Italian. Then I heard it's stories from children with cancer and illustrated by many artists. I said, send it and I'll get the vibrations. I reflected on the thousand of kids with cancer I've been with for thirty years in 70 countries, remembering their stories we were making in their room.
I also remember that living in the stories with the children, that the cancer was just on the shelf, made smaller, even unfound in those moments. Holding the manuscript, being with each story and illustration, I felt I was with each child and they were giving me their gifts to uplift me. Thank you children for creating this beautiful book to help us. And dear artists I use your art to make up stories of meaning for each story so I don't feel alien. You dance beautifully with the story teller.

In Peace,
 Patch Adams

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  1. Veramente sconvolgenti! MI PIACCIONO DA MORIRE!!!

  2. Grazie Andre...è stato un lavoro piuttosto travagliato, perciò il tuo commento mi allieta doppiamente.. :)

  3. Complimenti, sei veramente bravissima!!!!